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Seismic Retrofit

Do you live an area where earthquakes are quite possible? Do you have a home that was built over 20 years ago? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might by time to get a seismic retrofit for your home or commercial property. But whom around Redondo Beach can you call to do your seismic retrofit for you? Well, if you live around Redondo Beach, you can call the experts at Famart Welding, Inc. for all of your seismic retrofit needs. Seismic retrofitting is essential if you live an area where earthquakes are most likely to happen, like Southern California. With seismic retrofit, your home will have a better chance of surviving an earthquake. It can help you save money by minimizing the damages caused by earthquakes so you can reduce home repair costs, and can reduce home insurance premiums. When you call Famart Welding, Inc. for the job, we can have your seismic retrofit done quickly so your home can have the protection that it needs in no time. 
Here at Famart Welding, Inc., we have seismic retrofitted many homes around Redondo Beach. Many of the homes that we have worked on are still standing with the same integrity that it has before an earthquake. We are very passionate about what we do and pay attention to detail to ensure that the job gets done right. Our experience has served as well as we do the job better than most other companies around Redondo Beach. So if you are in need for seismic retrofit services, give us a call, here at Famart Welding, Inc.

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