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As licensed and certified structural steel fabricators in Lomita, California, Famart Welding, Inc. are the local structural steel fabricators to contact for all fabricating needs. When our customers contact us, they can be assured that they are getting a professional dedicated to providing the type of work that they are looking for. Being conveniently located in Lomita allows us to service all the nearby cities. 

We have been conducting business in Lomita and its surrounding areas for many years and have developed a great reputation with our customers. Our customers know when they contact Famart Welding, Inc. they get quality craftsmanship and reliable services at fair prices. Due to our amazing customers, our contact list has grown through all their referrals.  

No, matter what type of job you have for us, you can be sure that, as the top structural steel fabricators in Lomita, that we take pride in completing a job in a professional manner. We offer various services geared towards your needs, such as welding, columns and beams and seismic retrofit. Whenever you contact us, you can be sure that we will respond in a timely manner to accommodate yours needs. Our job is to make sure all of our customer's needs are met with complete satisfaction. 

So if you are in Lomita, contact Famart Welding, Inc. for all your structural steel fabricating needs. Residents and businesses alike have peace of mind knowing that they have true professionals by their side when they hire us for the job.

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